Garland Handyman Suggests Home Improvement Tips to Maximize Your Investment

The Garland handyman is the one to call for help with home improvement especially if you are looking for ways to maximize your investment and make your home stand out from the rest in today’s oversaturated real estate market.

When people plan to sell their home many will invest way too much time and money, fixing everything in sight as they try to make their home stand out from the competition.  This is a buyer’s market and there is plenty of inventory to choose from, so if a house does not meet a buyer’s needs they will simply move onto the next house on their long list of home for sale.

While it is wise to make some improvement to show pride of ownership, the local handyman advises against overdoing it.  If you spend too much money on home remodeling, you probably will not realize a return on the investment. 

Most real estate experts agree that some home improvement and upgrades are well worth the seller’s time and money.  New kitchen countertops and appliances, bathroom remodeling and energy efficient upgrades will pay off, but there are some improvements that are just not worth the hassle.

Before investing too much money in home renovation, consider the surrounding homes in the neighborhood.  For example, if most homes have laminate countertops and linoleum floors, it would be inappropriate to invest in granite countertops, ceramic floors and high-end appliances.  If no one in the neighborhood has a pool, hot tub or gazebo, then this would be a bad investment.  Your home should be competitive, but not way over the top.  Unwarranted upgrades will only turn buyers away.  Many buyers are turned off by the in-ground swimming pool because of the high-maintenance and liability exposure.

Some homeowners have converted their attached garage to living space to add a bedroom, game room or family area.  While this seemed like a great idea for your growing family, another family will miss the convenience of a place to park cars and store outdoor equipment.  If most of the homes in your neighborhood have garages, then keep the garage!

Fresh paint is a great investment – worth $20 in the can and $1,000 on the wall.  If you have always dreamed of bright colors and extravagant designs, save it for your own home and keep your home improvement efforts more neutral.  Buyers want to imagine themselves living in the home and making their own personal touches.  Keeping it neutral ensures their furniture and accessories will go with the home.

Home repairs like patching holes in the walls or replacing scratched or gouged trim will show pride of ownership and make the home appear to be well cared for.  Adding too much flare will result in a waste of money.  If the buyer doesn’t like it, they will be likely to ask for a price reduction so they can afford to tear it out and redo it according to their own style.

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